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Its only because of the browsers a web developer is able to show what he coded or web designer can show what he designed. Browsers are in fact quite complicated piece of softwares. With the advent of new standards HTML5, CSS3 and multi tabs and number of plugins they have to handle a lot of
A few you of may know that I’m a currently enrolled in Web development program at Humber. Last week we were assigned a task to make a simple web form validation in PHP in OOP style,So we had to make use of couple of classes. I tried to made validation classes as generic and as
Recently I was working on responsive website design and while testing load time of the pages, I started wondering about something, but before I get down to it lets start with basics of responsive design websites and mobile optimized websites What are responsive design websites? In common perception, You resize your browser window and magically everything
For a long time I was used to 3.5″ devices, first it was iPhone 4 and then  iPhone 4s. Both 3.5″ Devices were perfect for one hand use (So does the Apple used to say). Admittedly, I have never owned an android device or matter of fact any large screen mobile device. A couple of months ago I decided to jump on large screen
jQuery provides with quite a handful of useful functions to traverse through child elements in different ways. I’ll summarize few important of them children() This method will return all the direct children of Parent element. [crayon-5e23b2bf59992336769600/] parent() This method returns parent element of current child element [crayon-5e23b2bf5999a521198631/]    parents() This method is similar to parent()
If you notice closely enough, you will know that an img tag always* has space below it. Only in cases where you may be using a CSS reset or other frameworks, You may not encounter this issue. If you need to check it, try including an image inside a div with border and you will
After years of vendor specific css, W3C has finally set the standards for HTML5. These  standards are follow up to 17 year old HTML4 standards. In the mean time world wide web has seen tremendous growth beyond the imagination of Tim Berners Lee or any person living or dead on this planet. HTML5 standards were the need of time
Perhaps if you are reading this post I assume, you have heard about couple of these SASS, LESS, and SCSS and by this time probably decided to use SCSS for your next project. So, I am not going to waste any time pointing out which one is better and why. Variables You can use variables
An element with position:absolute will be positioned relative to entire page or relative closest positioned ancestor. Later part of last sentence is really helpful if you want to absolute position an element inside its parent block. This is quite handy trick and once you have mastered basic CSS, Tricks like these will make you an

Hi, We are codezyners!

We believe most creative ideas come when we are busy in doing something else that is called incubation and believe us these ideas are brilliant.Yes! We do brain storming session to streamline the design that will make others say "look at this". For us external design and internal system is day one issue as opposed to cleaning up the mess in the end. As much as we care about every single pixel displayed on screen we do care about developing the "project" with intuitive user interface. We engage clients in almost every step of development and take their feedback as ideas are only as good as its implementation so if you have an idea and want to kick start it, Contact us now.

This is how we do it!

1 Coffee Cup


Knowing your needs

How about having a cup of coffee and discussing your needs?

2 Pencil Icon


Incubation period

Now I craft mock ups based on analysis. By the way Yes! we can have another cup of coffee and have your inputs.

3 Code


Baking time

Time to code your project into life. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

4 Beetle Bug


We hate bugs!

Project is partially deployed and checked for performance issues and bugs.

5 Beer Mug


Almost There!

As I launch your product, How about having a party!

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."



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