Apple’s Win will lead to new innovations

apple-samsungI am happy that Apple has won the patent case against Samsung. This will have a huge impact on technology.  In late 80’s Apple had sued Microsoft claiming that Windows infringed the look and feel of the Mac desktop metaphor. At that time Apple made dependency of its future on this lawsuit, which they lost

because their market share dwindled at that time. But this time they had done it. One of the reason is Apple is a big company now with a strong presence in market This will have a positive effect on technology. Companies now will innovate. They will just not copy or steal but try to create something new and better.

As of now we were seeing similar features in all smart phones. One company which is trying to do something different is Microsoft.  Microsoft knew that it needed to create something better than iphone to stay in market. That is why they created Metro and new Windows Phone. This shows the world that there are ways to do things then iphone way. Windows Phone is a complete new innovative product. Windows is innovating. So shall other companies also. Now companies will have challenge to try different things instead of making similar thing which is already in market. We would see better products.

The apple’s win will only kill shit smartphones and  unimaginative players. What we have been seeing is  iPhone’s Android-based competitors were largely clones that showed little imagination, no better ways to do things.  Microsoft has shown the world that there are different ways to do things.

The Samsung share after this decision is likely to drop a bit. Blackberry and Windows phone have a chance to fill this gap. but it’s also just as possible that HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Huawei, or ZTE Android devices fill in the gaps left by Samsung. Let us see haw many patent wars end up like this. Hope that we will see new innovative technology rather than unimaginative copycats.