One NeXT step by Steve jobs one giant step for Applekind

A thing of beauty is a joy forever ,Well its not just the design of hardware that makes Apple products so intimidating but the apple ecosystem as a whole gives you warm and cozy feeling.Every thing you buy from apple is interconnected seamlessly.Steve jobs was known to go deep into smaller details of hardware of software that may otherwise goes unnoticed but if they were not there we’ll definitely feel its absent.

When people talk about Steve jobs accomplishments they usually talk about Steve at apple but quite few people know about the fact the work Steve did when he was ousted from apple become the foundation of innovation at apple and thereon its success.
NeXT cube logo

NeXT Logo

Steve founded NeXT after being ousted from the company he founded and started developing an NeXTstep OS based on objective c.NeXTSTEP’s user interface was refined and consistent, and introduced the idea of the Dock (carried through OpenStep and into OS X and iOS) NeXTSTEP also created or was among the very first to include a large number of other GUI concepts now common in other operating systems: 3D “chiseled” widgets, large full-color icons, system-wide drag and drop of a wide range of objects beyond file icons, system-wide piped services, real-time scrolling and window dragging, properties dialog boxes (“inspectors”), window modification notices (such as the saved status of a file), etc.
NeXTSTEP OS screenshot

NeXTSTEP OS screenshot

While I was learning iOS development i used many classes starting with two capital letters “NS”. Upon googling I came to know that these classes were derived from NeXTStep’s OS . Both iOS and Mac OS all are based on cocoa touch and cocoa which is based on NeXT STEP operating system same which was developed by Steve jobs’s NeXT company.

To say his “next step” after exit from apple was actually a giant step for apple kind just like In 1970 when Neil Armstrong become first person to step on moon and he said “one small step for man one giant step for mankind ” indeed his success proved to be giant step for future space missions.

– Small tribute to a “visionary man”