Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed

Its only because of the browsers a web developer is able to show what he coded or web designer can show what he designed. Browsers are in fact quite complicated piece of softwares. With the advent of new standards HTML5, CSS3 and multi tabs and number of plugins they have to handle a lot of things. When the things get this complicated bugs are bound to be there. Although companies like Firefox, Google, Safari actively releases updates and fixes.Recently a developer found a bug in Google chrome

Here is the pretty straight forward description on Chromium bug reporting forum.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Any page with [Removed so this article loads for everyone] will crash the Chrome tab on a Mac
2. Just create any dummy page with the unicode characters, and the Mac Chrome tab will crash hard

What is the expected result?
Expect it not to crash

What happens instead?
It crashes

Meanwhile google hasn’t provided any specific time frame to fix the issue, but it anyone who knows the bug can crash your chrome by sending them to you on Gmail,Hangouts, Facebook or any other way. All though many of online services renders the text differently to chrome might not crash on all but in the end google should quickly release the fix for this issue.